Chronicles of Dral: Descent

Category: Comic Book
Ages: 18+
Theme: Medieval Fantasy

With her life of nobility now a distant, hazy memory, Lady Dral has found a strong footing on the Sandthorn Company.

Politics do not forget, however, and a noble bloodline is a powerful tool of control. Clutching the letter that informs her of her young sister’s incarceration to the correctional facility known as Sheldrak’s Fist, Lady Dral struggles through the clutches of despair to gather her wits and her most trusted allies and mount a rescue.

She knows that Sheldrak’s Fist is, in truth, an interrogation facility of the Theocracy, and there’s little time if she is to save the sheltered, innocent Silvie from the horrors that await her there.

What she finds is far beyond what she expects; the stuff of nightmares that give pause to even gritty mercenaries.