Dear Friends

Most of the time, in our line of work, no news is actually bad news. Fortunately that is not the case for Jinxsoft.

7 years ago, on this same day Jinxsoft was founded. After all these years and 3 relocations of our offices, we are finally back in Greece.

I am more than happy to announce that this relocation is the second best thing happening to us. Since yesterday I have a new partner, an investor who has shown great trust in our endeavors and vision. A family who leads a company with more than 30 years of professional activity in a very demanding industry all around the globe.

After long and thorough discussions, we decided on a couple of things regarding our current and future projects.

First of all, no project of ours, including Jinx: Womb of Cosmos, will be cancelled. We have already prioritized our projects as Jinxsoft has a brand new division which will focus on the design and distribution of board games utilising the Kickstarter Platform. The design for our first 3 games has already commenced.

That said, Jinxsoft will continue providing web design and development as well as hosting and support services via our brand new servers.

We have grand plans for the Jinx intellectual property and in order not to endanger the aforementioned plans we ought to complete the development of a smaller scale game prior to the completion of Jinx: Womb of Cosmos. This mystery title is Jinx: Shadows of Time, a sidescroller game who will act as a …pre-sequel to our flagship title.

Furthermore, our first e-novel Chronicles of Dral: Faithless is ready and we are considering channels for its online distribution.

The Facebook page Jinx: Womb of Cosmos has been renamed to Jinx Realm and will be used to keep you up to date regarding all our projects based on the Jinx IP.

Our company site will be up pretty soon with an updated list of services and features and we will gradually shift the contents of in accordance with our plans for the IP.

I would like to personally thank all of you for your ongoing trust and support.

I would also like to thank all the kindred spirits and associates for their persistence and loyalty.

We had to go dark to emerge once again into the light.

Michael Raftopoulos